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TBL beam welding lines (T-Master)

The T-Master is a dedicated machine designed for the continuous production of welded T and H beams,either parallel or cambered.

The T-Master operates with the web in vertical position. No tack welding is required,except at the leading edge, after the web has been aligned on the center of the flange.

Initially the web and the first flange are fed into the T-Master; the welding is carried out simultaneously from both sides of the web over the full length of the beam. After completion of the first flange welding,the section is turned through 180° and the alignment and welding operation repeated with the second flange.

The big advantage is that the flange is straightened during the welding process, for rectify any angular distorsion caused by welding.
We have several Line dimensions, the common one is for Beams  2000 /2500 ( web ) and 800 / 1000 ( flange ) but we can arrive:  
- up to 5000mm of Web and 2000 mm of Flange  with more than 2.5 Ton /m                      
The length of the Beams normally is from 4/6 meters min. to 12 / 18 meters max. Beams ; but we could arrive at 35meters or more.
The big advantage of this line is the flexibility, not a lot of space required, no  Flanges straightening required after welding, few workers required.

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