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About us

NUOVA C.M.M. is located in an area of approximately 18.000m² of which 10.000m² is indoors for production and 300m² in use for offices.

Originally a company for mechanical engineering and metal work, it has gradually become a key supplier for big companies and now specializes in several different fields, naval, off-shore and automated welding equipment.

Founded in 1974 NUOVA C.M.M. is composed of three sections, Welding Automation / Steel Structural Work and Mechanical Machining.

Welding Automation Division has built a large range of machinery and special equipments over the last 22 years, some of our past work can be found on the website or in the production catalogue.

Steel Structural Work since 1974 to produce plants and structures intended for the most varied of uses in civil and industrial settings.

Mechanical Division started in 1999 for overseas markets and domestic demand. We have developed the mechanical machining shop which includes the installation of modern CNC machinery.

NUOVA C.M.M. has always had the capacity to be flexible and to adapt to the customer’s requirements.


C.M.M in 1974
C.M.M. today
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