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NUOVA C.M.M. realises welding automation sistems and mechanical works.

From 1988 NUOVA C.M.M. builds a large range of machines and special equipments. Take a look around into our web site to find example and details about our welding automation lines.

TBL lines (T-Master)

This is a very flexible machine, is recommended for T. L. I, cambered and conical Beams.

The big advantage of this line is the flexibility, not a lot of space required, no Flanges straightening required, few workers required.

Manipulators BWF beam welding lines

This equipment is designed only for welding Beams.

 It is easy and economic.

Column & Boom MWB beam welding lines

This simple and economic machine is very flexible and can be used for different job as: welding Beams,cambered beams and Boxes.

Straightening machine type BS2200

The proposed machine is suitable to straighten the flanges up to 70 mm.

Seam Welder Lines

This equipment is designed  to weld plates in flat position

Ribs Welding lines

The scope of this complete line is to positioning and welding trapezoid ribs for a bridge flat panels.

Box-Beams assembling lines

The Box-Beams assebling line type BAL 800/1500/32000,is an integrated system designed to prepare a complete tack-welded box beams,ready to be welded by a box-beams welding plant type MWB.

Pole welding lines

The pole welding line type PWL 2000/14000 is an integrated system designed to prepare a complete pole,ready to be welded by a welding plant type MWB.


IPS 2015 Exhibition in Lorrach

IPS 2015 Exhibition in Lorrach ( 9 - 12 June 2015 )


BLECH Russia 2015

BLECH Russia 2015

25-27 March 2015

Exhibition for Sheet Metal Working  - St. Petersburg - Russia


WIN 2015 - World of Industries fairs

WIN Metal Working

12-15 February 2015

Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center  - Istanbul - Turkey


Celebrating our 40th anniversary

Forty years is a great landmark for any company and CMM is proud to be celebrating 40 years of business success in January 2014.


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