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NUOVA C.M.M. realises welding automation sistems and mechanical works.

From 1988 NUOVA C.M.M. builds a large range of machines and special equipments. Take a look around into our web site to find example and details about our welding automation lines.

TBL lines

The TBL Lines  are dedicated machines designed for the massive production of I - T beams, either parallel,tapered or cambered. The NEW models are also able to weld BOX - STAR Beams - Sandwich Panels and Inclined Beams. The TBL allows welding with web in vertical position and without need of tack-welding.


These equipments are suitable for welding either parallel H-Beams with web in horizontal position without need of tack-welding. The new models are also able to weld BOX and Curved Box, using special turnable welding head.

Seam Welder Lines

This line is designed to weld together plates with various dimension, for obtaining plates with dimensions not available in the market.

Straightening machine

The proposed machine is suitable to straighten the flanges up to 40 mm.

Beam welding line for special project

Full PLC line for high camber “happy & sad” with variable flange thickness and width; and return to the entry side after welding.

Rounding and grinding machine

The rounding and grinding machine is designed for round off the four sharp edges of the plates and clean both sides of the plates.


Transfer conveyors for Single, Double and integrated TBL lines.


Raisable longitudinal welding seamer

Raisable  longitudinal welding seamer

Nuova CMM: Impianto per la saldatura longitudinale elevabile mod. SWR 2.5 TIG con filo freddo e AVC. Un grazie particolare a hashtagSaldoteck Raisable longitudinal welding seamer mod. SWR 2.5 TIG with cold wire and AVC. A special thanks to hashtagSaldoteck hashtagmanufacture hashtagweldingautomation hashtagweldingautomation hashtagweldingsystem hashtagcompetence hashtagnuovacmm hashtagwelding hashtagmanufacturing hashtagindustrial hashtagtig


FABTECH 2019 - Chicago - November 11-14

 Fabtech 2019 - Chicago  - November 11-14 - USA



EuroBLECH 2018 Exhibition in Hanover

EuroBLECH Exhibition in Hanover , Germany ( 23 - 26 October 2018 )



IPS 2015 Exhibition in Lorrach

IPS 2015 Exhibition in Lorrach ( 9 - 12 June 2015 )


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